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how do i subscribe to your new weblog location? there doesn't seem to be an rss feed dot anywhere.


I'm glad you came back to your blog! I came quite often these past months, wondering if I was going to erase your blog from my favourites... I didn't, and that surely was a good choice, because I just read your new post.

Hope this year will be good for you. I'm also starting to work for myself, and yes, that is quite terrifying. But that is really how I want to leave, so... No doubt, 2009 will be great. For both of us.


Too funny, because I was doing the same as Marie-Eve and cleaning out favorites and just happened to hold on to your website address. It's great to see you back and good luck to you on the 'new' business!


So happy to see you back!

I'm taking a book arts class and was just talking to my instructor about your blog because she does book restorations. This, of course, led me to visit your blog again in the hopes that you updated. Lo and behold, you had! :)


I love you and your posts! Thanks so much for updating us. I hope it gets better soon, and I am sure you will find another awesome book related yummy spot and soon.


Hi Erica,
So good to see you back.

Sorry to hear about your job, well done on all the press though.
The slide show is terrific and the leather stamps are amazing, not to mention your boxes.

All the best with your business, you're very talented I'm sure you'll do fine.

Kim Tillyer

I was also Spring cleaning the bookmarks bar. Glad to see you're still writing and Good Luck with your new venture.

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