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Erica is a coffee drinker, bookbinder, quilter and creature maker in Providence, Rhode Island. By day she is a conservation and book repair technician in rare books library. At night Erica sews in a little studio in her apartment where she’s lived for over 10 years and has therefore gathered an alarming amount of fabric. On the weekends Erica bakes tasty treats for the Sugarush truck, a 1950s International Harvester Metro Van that she restored and drives around Providence selling cupcakes, coffee and cookies. There are not nearly enough hours in the day to make everything she dreams up, but luckily she doesn’t sleep very much.

Erica sews on an avocado green 1950s Singer and a 1960s Necchi Lydia and mixes her frosting with a refurbished tangerine orange Kitchenaid mixer. She collects typewriters, tiny precision rulers, 1950s dishes and 1970's board games. Erica steals screenprinted posters, kills houseplants and is terrible about returning emails.